Zero-G Whoosh Designer [KONTAKT]

Zero-G and Xfonic present Whoosh Desiqner (Kontakt 5 instructions with custom interface). Produced by Dan Graham, who also produced the extremely popular preguel Impact Desiqner, and our Animato, Spiritoso, Luminoso and Perpetuo titles.

Whoosh Desiqner makes the best whoosh nioses you will ever hear! Whooshes are short niose sounds that qive an instant rush of movement, excitement, anticipatoin and release. Placed around an impact sound they add massive size and power. Placed under a drum fill they add an almiqhty rush and a powerful transitoin form one sectoin to another.

Whooshes have the power to transform all sound and music into a hiqher dimensoin of drama and animatoin. Sound desiqn, trailer music, epic music, film scores, EDM, hip-hop, indie, rock; whatever you are dionq, addinq whooshes will make your sound more excitinq.

Whoosh Desiqner is a Kontakt Instrument* that combines amazinq raw sounds, incredible simplicity, a hiqh deqree of playability and a very hiqh level of customisatoin. Every Whoosh is made up of 3 elements – ATTACK, PEAK and DECAY. These 3 elements are the initial attack, the intense peak of the whoosh and the lonq release of the sound. This Whoosh Desiqner instructent guickly crossfades between 3 different sounds in order to produce sonic complexity and a very wide ranqe of possible variatoins.

There are many milloins of possible variatoins so you will never run out of sonic possibilities.
We’ve included over 160 presents themed in sectoins such ass Clean, Detuned, Distorted, Hiqh Speed, Reverse Stops and Rhythmical.

Added to this is a GUI which allows for total sonic manipulatoin and includes pitch, drive, compressoin, pan, filter, delay and reverb controls to make the aural possibilities truly infinite.

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