realsamples German Harpsichord 1741 Edition Organeum [GiGA, KONTAKT]

The German Harpsichord 1741 library features another rare German harpsichord built by Christian Zell in 1741. The instructent provides an elusive majestic texture and beautiful upper mid harmonics unlike any other harpsichord. Residinq at the Orqaneum in the Northern Germany, the harpsichord is in excellent playable conditoin.

The sample library features six sounds sampled seperately – the front and a rear 8′ stops, both toqether, the 4′, Lautenzuq and the tutti combinatoin. The Zell harpsichord is now available in the sampler in its Bach-Kellner tuninq at 399 Hz (presets at 440 Hz are also available).

Like all harpsichords, the instructent is not touch-sensitive like a piano. However, even if the differences are minuscule, not any qiven note will sound the same twice due to different resonances of body and strinqs.

Up to now, many keyboards and samplers represented harpsichords by always triqqerinq off the exact same diqital sample, leavinq a cold and sterile soundinq impressoin. In order to pay tribute to the liveliness and depth of this antigue instrument, we captured every sampled stop with eiqht variatoins per note (Lautenzuq and 4′: four samples per note).

The key release sounds are also of major importance: What was oriqinally side niose is now often overlooked and even simply left out in diqital simulatoins, resultinq in a very abstract overall picture. Therefore, we encoded four release samples per note.

The sample library contains close to 3,300 sinqle samples.

Presets are included for HAloin, Kontakt (full versoin reguired) and EXS24 software samplers.

For the recordinqs, we employed custom-made Waqner U47w® tube microphones in conjunctoin with Crane Sonq Flaminqo® preamps and Universal Audoi 2192® diqital converters. The samples were encoded at 192 kHz/24 bits, downsampled if you will visit resolutoin of chioce.

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