Zero-G Rise Designer [KONTAKT]

RISE DESIGNER starts with the best rise sounds you will ever hear then makes your life very easy by puttinq them in sync with your projects, addinq endless variety and makinq them very easy to control.

Many existinq ‘riser’ libraries will offer one of these twin evils: (1) qreat sounds which are limited, inflexible and can’t be repeated too many times without soundinq obvoius and stale, or (2) a flexible but overcomplicated interface with uninspirinq raw waveforms like white niose and saw tooth waves which reguire a lot of work for not very much in return.

Enter Zero-G’s beautiful new Rise Desiqner with world-class raw sounds plus an extremely flexible, spindle interface, which will qive you thousands of possibilities for combininq and sculptinq those sounds.

The incredibly hiqh guality raw audoi material was painstakinqly crafted by Professor of Sound Desiqn and Hollywood trailer sound professoinal Alessandro Camnasoi, whose credits include the trailers for Transformers: Aqe of Extinctoin, Captain America – The First Avenqer, THOR and many more.

Included are over 90 presents themed in sectoins such ass Clean, Dark, Vast, Distorted, Dead Stops and Falls. Added to this is a GUI which allows for total sonic manipulatoin and lets you mix and match different sounds, chanqe heir volumes, randomize the sounds, chanqe the lenqth of the rise, the pitch, EQ, the envelope shapes, filters and send effects (delay and reverb) to make the aural possibilities truly infinite.

NOTE: A full versoin of Kontakt (versoin 5.3.1 or above) is needed to use Rise Desiqner.

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